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4 Types of Bread You Can Bake With Your Kids At Home


4 Types of Bread You Can Bake With Your Kids At Home



Making a loaf of bread entirely from scratch can easily seem like a big challenge, but that depends on what you're trying to make.

There are a lot of simple recipes that you can choose from for spending quality time with the kids and making some bread. However, you should teach them the basics first, such as mixing, kneading, letting the dough rest, and then getting creative with it.

Bread making can also be a great way to keep the kids away from their mobiles and devices while your partner checks their smartphones and clonare WhatsApp.

Now, let's get into four simple types of bread you can bake with your kids.


The No-Knead Bread

To start off, you can try something that is insanely simple and requires no expert knowledge at all.

The no-knead bread can help make your kids more interested in bread making because they will undoubtedly succeed in making it.

The no-knead bread is common, and you can easily get its recipe online. You only need to throw everything into a bowl, mix it, let the yeast go to work, and then bake it.

Also, just because it's easy doesn't mean it doesn't have a good flavor or great quality.


Flower Pot Bread

There is no shortage of artsy and creative ideas when it comes to baking bread. The flowerpot bread or rolls are one of them.

If you have some small plant pots lying around the house or know where to find some, you can use them to shape the bread. The shape of a pot would be perfect for getting a cupcake type of form with a lovely crust on top.

Just make sure to use clean clay pots and season them.


Hedgehog Rolls

The hedgehog rolls can be another creative way to pique your kids' interest and maybe even make them future chefs or bakers.

For this, you can use a ready-made bread mix if you wish. The important part of making the hedgehog rolls is creativity and art. For the hedgehog's spikes, you might need to supervise your kids and use safety scissors. You can also use raisins for eyes and maybe an almond flake for a nose.

If your kids have a favorite animal or like dinosaurs, then why not try those instead?


Eggless Caramel Bread Pudding

The eggless caramel bread pudding is an incredibly delicious recipe that kids usually go crazy for. While the above types of bread were more for getting creative and learning how to bake simple bread, you can try making the eggless caramel bread pudding to show your kids just how delicious things can get.

You can easily find tons of delicious recipes for making caramel bread pudding without eggs online. To give you an idea, the recipe usually includes using slices of day-old white bread, whole milk, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract, and water.

Catering to your kid's taste buds, you can use strawberry or another jam at the end to eat the pudding with. Alternatively, you can add syrup and make things sweeter.


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